Claire Froelich

This is my public tech diary. Here you'll find some of my side projects, curiosities and reflections.

Blurred portrait of Claire Froelich with a bird sitting on hand


I'm a hacker at heart with a non-traditional entry into tech. For six years I was a Japanese-English interpreter and translator, first for the City of Sapporo then Amazon Japan. In 2019 I completed a full stack web development bootcamp in Montreal, then started freelancing before landing a job as a software developer at an ed-tech startup. Currently I am at Postman helping promote API literacy among students and educators.

If you're curious about what a journey from liberal arts into tech looks like, have a listen to my story in this podcast or this video.

I like simple solutions. This website is a rebuild of my old portfolio site, with vanilla everything. No Javascript frameworks, CSS libraries or flashy animations - just markdown, html templating and basic CSS. You can read why in this blog post. The color scheme is inspired by yaki-imo (baked Japanese sweet potato).